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Radikal Darts, a melhor máquina de dardos electrónica do mundo, põe ao serviço dos operadores e jogadores, um interminável número de possibilidades.

Virtual Open Ranking

Ranking played between all players playing in machines located anywhere. For the classification in each category the system chooses each player's best games (as many as the organizer wishes: 3, 5, etc.). Each player may play as many games as desired within the time period allocated (one week, one month, etc.). It is a very interesting competition, as it allows players of diferent levels to participate, each in their category, and there are constant changes in classification. The system automatically categorizes the players depending to their historical marks and they compete with players in their category, located anywhere where the dartboards are connected.

The Remote Refereeing System®, with its cameras, laser and other sensors, records each game which will be validated or invalidated by the operator, therefore each player may play any time they wish. The software keeps the results constantly updated and the players can check their results and the classification in real time.

One of the most popular competitions of Radikal Darts®!!