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Radikal Darts, a Melhor Máquina de Dardos Electrónica do Mundo com Internet, põe ao serviço dos Operadores de Máquinas de Dardos e Jogadores de Dardos, um interminável número de Possibilidades.

Löwen Kit

Conversion Kits for the Löwen HB8

You have an old Löwen HB8 and you want to take advantage of it? We have the solution! Here is our Conversion Kit. In three easy steps, you will have a cutting-edge technology electronic board from your obsolete machine.

CPU Pack: there you will find the Radikal System’s official CPU, its power source, the board control CI, the laser and the general wiring.

Console elements: there is the TFT 7” Touch screen, the card reader and the instructions sticker.

TFT: TFT 21” Screen, 3 cameras (for the player, the board and the laser control) and a leds lighting kit.

The Conversion Kit comes in 3 different boxes (as you can see in the picture)

Once the kit is fully assembled to the old Löwen HB8 machine, it has the same features as the Radikal Darts Touch: the panoramic TFT screen, 3 control cameras, laser, card reader and the touch screen.


Radikal Darts System Löwen Dart Machine Conversion Kit