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Radikal Darts, a Melhor Máquina de Dardos Electrónica do Mundo com Internet, põe ao serviço dos Operadores de Máquinas de Dardos e Jogadores de Dardos, um interminável número de Possibilidades.

Radikal Darts System Conversion Kits

What are the Conversion Kits?

The Radikal System Conversion Kits is an electronic pack to adapt the Radikal gaming System and its features to other brands obsolete dart machines.

It is composed of three parts: the CPU pack, the console elements and the TFT screen. After an easy assembly process, you will be able to enjoy an electronic dart machine with the same features as the Radikal Darts Touch, and its Radikal Gaming System.

Nowadays, there is available the Löwen HB8 and the CyberdineConversion Kits.

Radikal Darts System Cyberdine Dart Machine Conversion Kit

Radikal Darts System Löwen Dart Machine Conversion Kit