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Radikal darts A melhor máquina de dardos electrónica do mundo, põe ao serviço dos operadores e jogadores, um interminável número de possibilidades.

Player card

Radikal Darts® features a card reader that allows operators to create personalized cards for his players. With this card, the player does not need to enter his/her personal code every time he/she wants to play (which is a must specially in all competitions). The player inserts the card and the system inmediately recognizes the player. The card can be also a great advertisement tool as any logos may be printed. The card is a very powerful tool for the operator in order to get the players' loyalty.


Example of a player's card made by an operator


Example of a player's card granted by Gaelco Darts (only to those players that have played at least one International Open Radikal Darts)